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Erectile Dysfunction + Premature Ejaculation (2 in 1) Treatment

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  • Extrajosh is a very popular sexologist clinic in Delhi. It is offering efficient treatment to Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation. This two in one treatment is perfect to heal these diseases in nick of time.

    Buy Online Erectile Dysfunction + Premature Ejaculation (2 in 1) Treatment medicines from us and get perfect treatment from this deficiency. This treatment is specially developed for those who want a rock hard erection. This treatment also cures those who are suffering from early discharge. This treatment is based on the ancient studies of ayurveda. The main constituents of the medicines are natural occurring things like roots, stems, metals, minerals & some other special mineral oils. These constituents cause strengthening of the nerves & improved blood circulation. This shows no side effects. After the completion of the course, you get full erection & your performance on bed will surely get improved.


    • Based on ayurveda
    • No side effects
    • Boost performance
    • Timely results

    You can buy our medicines offline & also online.

    This Treatment is Beneficial for:

    • Erectile dysfunction (Impotency) & Early ejaculation
    • Thinness & less quantity of semen
    • Weakness of nerves / veins & penis muscles
    • Less intercourse time
    • Poor/Failure of erection
    • Poor blood flow/circulation in penis
    • Low libido
    • Low stamina
    • Lack of energy
    • Weak erection or quick discharge due to any reason

  • Colour Green, Navy
    Outer Material Suede
    Inner Material Fabric
    Heel Height Up to 3 cm
    Sole Type TPR
    Occasion Casual

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I was very depressed in my life. I contacted Extrajosh and explained my issues.Within 1 month of medication, I started noticing improvement. Rakesh Kumar (Rohini, New Delhi)


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Extrajosh is a trusted Sexologist Clinic in India. It is offering specialist treatment for various sexual diseases. Using the trusted medicines of the clinic has treated the illness & other sex related problems of millions of patients who are now living a very happy life. Sex is essentially an integral part of happy life. Discomfort in this shall surely bring marriages to an end. So, it is utmost necessary for a happy marriage. The offered medicines are based upon the ancient learning which can bring happiness in the lives of many. These medicines can certainly cure illness related to the sexual problems.
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